Say It With Plays is dedicated to Jewish education and entertainment through the wonderful world of plays.

We provide a variety of plays about Jewish holidays, traditions, and cultures that will educate and entertain.  The majority of our plays are for Purim time, but we also provide others to enhance your festive congregational occasions such as Hanukkah and Passover.  We have plays for all ages.  We even have skits for educating religious school classes, youth groups, and sisterhoods.

The plays we offer are not only original, but are also based on everything from famous Broadway shows and popular movies, to memorable eras.  The plays range in time frame and type from ten-minute skits to one and a half hour musical productions.

Each play is sure to capture any audience and have them dancing in their seat, while educating them as well.

Feel free to browse and preview our plays.



Say It With Plays was created by Marci Brumberg, the Educational Director for the Jewish Community Religious School and Beth Israel Synagogue in Roanoke, Virginia.  Marci, who has been writing plays for more that 38 years, is the sole playwright, songwriter, and creative force of every play provided by Say It With Plays.